The Smartkas Startup

And here we have another great Hungarian success, the Smartkas startup by Mészáros Dávid that changes the world at its roots and seeks to solve a very important problem. But what is this major issue? That is the population growth. World population has increased by two and a half times since the 1960s, while food production has increased by only thirty percent. The UN says that by 2050 we will be 10 billion people on Earth. In the past decades governments, economies were focusing on export, import and globalization, people forgot about producing products themselves in their own garden. By now, there are approximately 850 millions people in the world who are undernourished while 2,2 billion people are overfed globally. And that is when Smarkas comes to the picture.

The company Smartkas basically designs smart glasshouses using renewable energies. These houses are operated by artificial intelligence-based monitoring, with this it is possible to produce any vegetables or fruits any time of the year in small areas but big quantities and what is good is that no pesticides are used. Why is this whole project so crutial? With this technique they can prevent countries to feel the need to import products which means using less transport for imports and this definitely helps the environment and our climate.

Where is Smartkas now?

This startup that is registered in Holland now has 4 active project in Holland, England, and Brazil. Mészáros Dávid even had the chance to meet Jair Bolsonaro the president of Brazil with whom they agreed on 50 euro million project that will cover 77 hectares, of which twenty hectares will be built with greenhouses to grow ten to twelve thousand tonnes of peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and salad vegetables per year.

We cannot wait to hear more about these projects and Dávid’s name a lot more in the future!


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