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AWorld is the Italian App downloaded by over 50 thousand users worldwide, chosen by the United Nations for its ActNow campaign that promotes individual actions aimed at improving sustainability. The Italian startup leads people towards a greater awareness of their personal impact on the environment. When we talk about sustainability, we don’t only refer to environmental well-being but we also turn our attention to social well-being. Technological evolution supports companies in the creation of new strategies for sustainable production and in internal management processes aimed at the creation of stakeholders of value. In this perspective, the economic and financial aspects are framed within a model of sustainable business practices measurable according to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. National and international policies increasingly regulate the sustainability criteria of companies. The winning idea of AWorld is that it incorporates this process through a way of using the App within corporate platforms, designed to get society, institutions and companies involved with sustainability.

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The Italian novelty is presented to companies as an opportunity to increase their value and therefore their corporate image with respect to customers and suppliers. In fact, sustainable business also improves competitiveness and relations with other partners. The possibility of integrating an App within one’s own company platforms allows to plan, monitor and publicize one’s own improvements in terms of the degree of sustainability of work productivity per employee. By increasing their level of sustainability, companies also increase their level of competitiveness within a market that is increasingly oriented towards practices and behaviors that reduce the impact on the environment.

Another important innovation of the Italian App is the use of gaming mechanics that engage and make the user the protagonist in global group challenges. The use of gamification techniques encourages the achievement of goals, incentivizes competition and allows users to share their results. This favors an improvement in customer management, the consolidation of loyalty, the promotion of the company’s vision and mission, the improvement of the value of its workers and relationships with partners.


AWorld was launched in 2020 by three Italian entrepreneurs, Marco Armellino, Alessandro Lancieri and Alessandro Armillotta. It is a modern app created to promote sustainable change in everyday life. Everyone can download the app, take advantage of the many opportunities and start getting involved. AWorld challenges global society to take action, and for every goal achieved, a partner raffles off a prize for the Earth, such as planting bamboo or buying a well.

The Italian App not only helps you save money in terms of consumption but also rewards your commitment to the environment. Helping to reduce your environmental impact is a game and it’s even easier thanks to the mobile world that encourages global interaction. Continue to support our environmental sustainability initiatives and share the page with your friends to help us grow.

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