European Commission releases “Science for Climate Action” brochure

“To celebrate the publication of the IPCC Working Group II report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, this brochure highlights the …
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Long Term Strategy for 2050

The Long-Term Strategy for 2050 is a Roadmap for the Greek Government on Climate and Energy, in the context of …
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An EU climate neutrality experimental program is launched; three Hungarian cities take part in it

Three Hungarian cities – Miskolc, Pécs and Budapest – are included in those 100 cities which are participating in an …
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augmented reality

How Can Augmented Reality Encourage Sustainability?

Augmented Reality has all the trapping to encourage sustainability.Lets take a look According to, the concentration of CO2 has …
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AWORLD, the Italian App that incorporates people, companies and institutions

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national strategy

National Strategy for the Circular Economy and the National Operational Action Plan

As early as December 2018, the Ministry of Environment and Energy published the National Strategy for the Circular Economy and …
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prime minister

Australia will have an environmentally friendly Prime Minister

The Labor Party won the Australian election and Anthony Albanese is to become the next Prime Minister. He has pledged …
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WWF ‘s latest report: “From nature a great help to stem the climate crisis”

WWF recently released a report,[1] commissioned by WWF itself to the Institute for Environmental Policy, on the restoration of degraded …
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climate change

What Can AR Do for Climate Change Communication?

AR has emerged as a popular approach to interacting with technology – creators are leveraging it for video games, educational …
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national geographic

Nat Geo’s Instagram interactive shows what the world will feel like in 2070

Tied to Earth Day, National Geographic’s first augmented reality–enabled cover comes to life with a cautionary look at climate change …
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How Extended Reality Can Bring Climate Change Front Of Mind

Earthwatch Europe  A new augmented reality experience initiated by environmental charity Earthwatch Europe allows users to tackle the challenge of …
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Fix the climate problem in one generation

This year world leaders, high-level officials, activists and industry groups from nearly 200 countries gathered in Glasgow for the COP26, …
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Do you know the difference between weather and climate change?

In fact if you’re feeling hot or cold or feeling the rain fall on you, then you’re experiencing the effects …
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EU commitment to sustainable water and marine management

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe declared that “access to water must be recognised as a fundamental human …
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Consider sustainable tourism, you may ActNow during your holiday, too

Sustainable tourism Can you imagine not considering nature, the wildlife and the local inhabitants when travelling? Tourism is good for …
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Does the sea level rise due to climate change play a role in the decision to move the capital Jakarta ?

Jakarta city: A capital that’s moving Since it has been elected as capital city, riverine floods have been common in …
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food sustainability

Sustainability: starting with food!

The European Green Deal sets the ambitious goal of making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. It outlines …
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Next Generation EU: Making Europe Greener by the Recovery and Resilience Facility

The Recovery and Resilience Facility (the Facility) makes €672.5 billion (in 2018 prices) in loans and grants available to support …
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climatic migrants

“What do young Europeans think about the link between migration and climate change?” – Action Aid Report on Greece

According to the results of the survey conducted by ActionAid, in the framework of the pan-European campaign “No to Climate …
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climate change

Climate Change and Impact

Introduction The problem The Atmospheric and Climate Research Division has been instrumental in providing evidence that the Eastern Mediterranean and …
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The universalization of ICT contributes to reduction of environmental impact

We must highlight the importance of introducing environmental education in schools and accompanying it with a digital transformation to reduce …
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Climate Strategy Outline of Budapest Municipality, Hungary

Introduction The Metropolitan Local Government in Budapest develops an independent municipal environmental protection program related to the urban environment, its …
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OPEN-ES: Companies united for the energy transition

Open-es, an open business platform for collaboration, sustainable development and energy transition, is born. Announced in December 2020, it has …
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EU budget: green, digital and resilient future for Europe 2022

On 8 June, the European Commission presented a draft EU budget for 2022 that includes a share of funds earmarked …
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