Earth Day – or “who says you can’t change the world?”

Earth Day is coming up soon, so we’ve put together some simple and effective ideas that you can incorporate into your daily life to help protect our environment and reduce our ecological footprint. But first of all, when is Earth Day and what is it all about?

It all started in 1969 at a UNESCO conference when John McConnell came up with the idea of Earth Day, which led to the first Earth Day on 21 March 1970, which coincided with the first day of astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere. Earth Day aims to protect the Earth’s natural resources and to promote a green and sustainable society. Then Denis Hayes, an American university student, recognised the problem and wanted to bring the concept of sustainability and environmental protection to a wider section of society. So in 1989, he set up the International Earth Day News Centre, and from then on, an initiative was taken to celebrate the Earth every year on 22 April with events and activities.

Now let’s see what you can do to protect the Earth:

  • Collect your rubbish separately!
  • Shop second-hand, nowadays you can find super cool pieces with lots of treasures, so buying second-hand is becoming cool!
  • Say no to disposable plastics!
  • Take public transport!
  • Shop in packaging-free shops!
  • Try to eat less meat!
  • Walk and cycle!
  • Try composting!

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