Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Munch

Have you ever wondered what will happen to all those leftover baked goods, products that are edible but for some reason they cannot be sold anymore, or food and dishes that were not sold during the day in restaurants?

Yes, food waste is a real problem. Did you know that 1/3 of the produced food is not eaten? Yes, it is crazy, but there is a new alternative against food waste! We have a wonderful Hungarian initiative that we can be proud of. is a startup that is the solution for all of us in order to protect the planet and do something against food waste. Munch offers a simple solution to make food management more sustainable environmentally, socially and economically! But what is it about?

So basically Munch has contacted and now in collaboration with different restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and even flower shops in order to stop food waste that means once you check out you will see several different shops where you can purchase food that could not be sold during the day for a discounted price! Yes, you heard it well, sometimes you can have a proper meal from a fancy restaurant for 40 or even 60% less than the original price. Totally worth it, right? With this initiative you can save money, eat well and the restaurants also cut their losses, so everyone benefits! Until now more than 320 000 meals were rescued, this has prevented the emission of around 640+ tonnes of greenhouse gases!

Check out their website: where you will find partners like Lipóti Bakery, Á Table!, Bite Bakery, Coop, Spar, Príma and many many more!

Let’s make a change together!


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