The Actnow E-Learning platform is active!


The Actnow E-Learning platform is active!

The ActNow e-learning platform offers to the user a plethora of online and offline activities, case studies, role-play scenarios as well as a vast bibliographical research on the thematic of climate change issue, and tools to raise awareness for it. It allows learners to improve their knowledge on:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Climate Change Impacts & Effects on Water
  • Climate Change Impacts on Humans
  • Climate Change Impacts on Wildlife & Nature
  • Simulation Based Training
    • Scenario 1: Social actors on climate change – an encounter between scientists, politicians and the industry
    • Scenario 2: Zero emissions model
    • Scenario 3: Regular or green mobility?
    • Scenario 4: Dialogue table between enterprises and public administration – making business sustainable

The platform is available in the following link in English, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Greek and Bulgarian.

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