Consider sustainable tourism, you may ActNow during your holiday, too

Sustainable tourism

Can you imagine not considering nature, the wildlife and the local inhabitants when travelling? Tourism is good for you as you can get out of your everyday life, have some rest, gain new experiences, at the same time it may be valuable for the destination as well in case you plan your trip sustainable. It is recommended to act sustainably and consciously when getting closer to nature, a town or village.

The reason we are talking about sustainable tourism in this blog post is that the European Amasonas was announced as a five-country biosphere reserve by UNESCO on the 15th September 2021. It is such a fantastic progress, as five countries have agreed to jointly preserve this area. It must be mentioned that 70 % of the reserve gives the possibility for ecotourism, the visitors may meet the biodiversity and the new solutions of retaining water, revitalize floodplains and renew former wetlands because water shortages are a growing problem everywhere.

Consider when travelling, mitigate your carbon footprint

Sustainable tourism is a kind of long-term protection of natural, cultural and social resources, an important part of sustainability, and also contributes to the economic prosperity and well-being of local residents and workers. Don”t you wanna act like that?

  • In case you have good practices in your everyday life, take them with you, in case not, please start new sustainable practices. You may challenge yourself!
  • Minimize air travel, change to public transport.
  • Change to bicycle or horse riding 🙂
  • For food and drinks choose reusable containers
  • Instead of disposable.
  • Buy organic, local food.
  • Support local shops and artisans.
  • Prefer local businesses, stay in family run hotels/apartments, eco-friendly accomodations.
  • Be open-minded, connect, and meet local people.
  • Share your experiences with your friends, in case you like social media do not hesitate to help the locals with a post.

We have to change the tourism

  • to have a sustainable life and planet,
  • help the locals benefit from the profit more,
  • decrease our carbon footprint, as the industrial tourism makes too much carbon and pollution,
  • to have a good feeling about our holiday, that we did as much for sustainability as possible.

Make efforts and try to raise your holidays on a more sustainable level.

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