European Commission releases “Science for Climate Action” brochure


“To celebrate the publication of the IPCC Working Group II report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, this brochure highlights the contribution of EU-funded projects to developing science and solutions for climate adaptation. The projects featured in this publication showcase some of the outstanding EU-funded research on topics that range from improved understanding of physical climate impacts at global-to-local scales, tipping points in Earth systems, extreme weather events and their cascading effects on the economy and society; to customised adaptation measures that build resilience through climate services, nature-based solutions and other innovations. The results
are invaluable in paving the way towards a climate-resilient development.”

European Commission, Science for Climate Action: EU research contribution to IPCC Working Group II on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, Publications Office of the European Union, 2022

Read and download the brochure here

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